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Our Email Marketing Solution enables you to Create Professional Designed Newsletters and Campaings with Few Clicks, Manage your lists to deliver the Email Campaigns you Want with Analysis and Tracking, no Rocket Science. IT’s Simple...

Simplify your mailings, increase deliverability, navigate complex regulations and achieve the lowest emailing rates with Creative Web Designer Bulk Mailer. Our best-in-class solution makes navigating the complex world of mass mailing simple.

Why Choose Us

Create and Customize Email Campaigne

Create Professional Newsletters, Campaigns, and Announcements in minutes.

Build and Manage your Email Lists

Upload, Edit and Manage your Email lists, Integrate Subscription forms with your Website

Send your Capaign and Ensure Delivery

Send your Email Campaigns anytime from anywhere. Schedule Your Campaigns. Ensure Email Delivery to Inbox.

Track & Analyse your Campaigns

Track and Analyse your Campaigns through Reports like Delivered, Bounced, Viewed, Clicked, Unsubscribed, Shared.

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